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The OPO/Tissue Bank or Registry Partner user of DRS may have questions regarding use of the DRS, or they may encounter problems for which they need assistance. The following narrative provides a procedure for addressing user questions and problems. It is hoped that a number of questions regarding DRS use can be addressed by referencing this document. Please follow the steps below to see if your questions or problems are addressed.

  1. First, contact your department manager or supervisor. Basic questions related to DRS use and operation can frequently be answered internally.
  2. Second, contact your internal systems technical staff. In the event your manager or supervisor determines your question or problem is technical in nature, please contact your local technical staff before calling any of the numbers provided below.
  3. Finally, if you cannot resolve the problem internally, then contact DRS support at the following numbers:
    1. Between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:30 pm, Monday - Friday (excluding State holidays), contact DHSS directly by calling 888-497-4564.
    2. If the application error continues, please wait for a few minutes and retry the registry. If the error continues please email the Organ Donor Registry at:
Version: Jan 2014